TrAC Seed Grant Program Highlights:

The TrAC Seed Grant program encourages collaboration and innovation in Translational AI. Since its inception in 2022, the program has sponsored multiple research projects, each delving into unique aspects of Translational AI. With the success of the program, TrAC expanded the initiative in 2023, integrating contributions from our esteemed industry members. This inclusive approach allows our industry partners to engage with our grant winners, fostering a culture of synergy and collaboration.

A Glance at Our Seed Grant Awardees:

Spring 2022Iddo FriedbergJulie Dickerson, Yana BrombergFilling the Gaps in Bacterial Genome Annotation Using Phylogenetic Profiling and Variational Autoencoders$20,000
Spring 2022Hailiang LiuBaskar GanapathysubramanianData-driven optimal control for parametric dynamical systems$20,000
Spring 2022Aditya RamamoorthyThomas IadecolaMachine Learning for Efficient Ansatz Identification in Variational Quantum Algorithms$20,000
Spring 2022Tichakorn WonpiromsarnSoumik SarkarFeedback Learning for Machine Perception with System-Level Objectives$20,000
Spring 2023Cody FlemingAdarsh Krishnamurthy, Baskar GanapathysubramanianUncertainty Quantification in Physics-based Machine Learning Models$20,000
Spring 2023Anuj SharmaRobbyn AnandLabel-Free Confirmation of Circulating Melanoma Cell Identity Following Dielectrophoretic Capture by Machine Learning Analysis of Trajectory and Brightfield Micrographs.$20,000
Spring 2023Guiping HuJuan P. SteibelMachine learning for predicting phenotypic distribution based on group-level omics data$20,000
Spring 2023Anwesha SarkarRatul Chowdhury, Adarsh KrishnamurthyComputational force spectroscopy for prediction of protein-protein interactions$20,000
Spring 2023Hailiang LiuHui Hu, Baskar GanapathysubramanianData-driven discovery of physical systems and optimal control neural algorithms$20,000