TrAC’s Research Thrusts: Bridging Innovation & Application

At TrAC, we firmly believe in a holistic approach to AI. To that end, we have identified six key translational areas and a dedicated AI Core area to pioneer breakthroughs that have tangible impacts across diverse sectors.

  1. Materials, Design, and Manufacturing: Pushing the boundaries of AI to innovate the way we design, produce, and utilize materials.
  2. Biology, Health, & Quality of Life Leveraging the power of AI to enhance healthcare solutions, improve well-being, and unlock new discoveries in biology.
  3. Autonomy: Driving the future of autonomous systems and machines by integrating AI into decision-making processes.
  4. Food Energy Water: Addressing some of the world’s most pressing challenges by infusing AI into the nexus of food production, energy consumption, and water resources.
  5. Ethics: Ensuring that our AI advancements are shaped by ethical considerations, aiming for responsible and just applications.
  6. FinTech: Transforming the finance world by introducing AI-driven solutions, from risk management to customer insights.

Our AI Core stands as the backbone of these translational areas, focusing on the fundamental advancements in AI methodologies and techniques that power all our initiatives.

We invite you to explore each area to learn more about the projects, innovations, and teams leading the charge in these domains.