Welcome to the research hub of the Translational AI Center at Iowa State University. At TrAC, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of Translational AI through innovative research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the application of AI to real-world challenges.

Our Research Framework

Explore our array of groundbreaking initiatives, funded both federally and through our own Seed Grant Program.

  • Federally Funded Projects Get an in-depth look at our projects that have garnered federal support, focusing on a multitude of impactful topics.
  • Seed Grant Projects Discover how we ignite collaborative research through our Seed Grant Program, aimed at generating compelling data and fostering new partnerships.

TrAC specializes in six translational areas as well as an AI Core area, ranging from Materials, Design, and Manufacturing to Ethics and FinTech.

Browse our output, including publications, and other intellectual contributions that demonstrate the breadth and depth of our research capabilities.

Feel free to delve deeper into each section for a comprehensive view of our research landscape and to understand how you can engage or collaborate with us.