TrAC Postdoctoral Fellowships

The TrAC Postdoctoral Fellowship Program provides a unique opportunity for Postdoctoral researchers working with TrAC-affiliated faculty members at Iowa State in AI+X areas, i.e., interdisciplinary research that integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) with other high-impact domain areas (as mentioned below). The TrAC Postdoc fellows will have the opportunity to (i) collaborate broadly with TrAC researchers as well as develop independent research ideas; (ii) build a strong curriculum development, teaching, and mentoring track record; and (iii) network with a wide range of industry partners interested in AI+X.

AI+X Research Thrusts

  1. AI Core: Foundational AI research
  2. Biology, Healthcare, & Quality of Life, e.g., AI in computational and experimental biology, personalized medicine, protein modeling and design etc.
  3. Materials, Design & Manufacturing, e.g., AI in material science, automated design, manufacturing, 3D printing
  4. Autonomy and Smart Infrastructure, e.g., AI in autonomous vehicles, robotics, AI for smart cities
  5. Food, Energy & Water, e.g., AI in resilient agriculture, energy management, AI for sustainability
  6. Ethics, Fairness & Adoption, e.g., Ethical deployment of AI, social implications of AI
  7. FinTech, e.g., AI in financial technologies such as banking, investment, insurance and real estate

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must have a Ph.D. in a related field completed before the start of the fellowship.

A strong research background in AI+X is highly recommended.


  1. Broad research collaboration: Develop research collaboration with TrAC researchers working on a wide variety of AI+X problems. Contribute to both long-term, foundational research and applied, industry-responsive FAST-TrAC projects.
  2. Teaching and mentoring: Engage in developing and delivering AI-related tutorials and bootcamps for Iowa State students, faculty, and staff as well as external participants. Build a strong record of mentoring AI+X graduate and undergraduate students.
  3. Grant writing: Participate in competitive external grant writing with TrAC researchers as well as develop independent research vision and capabilities via competing for the internal TrAC seed grants.
  4. Industry networking: Build a strong professional network with a wide variety of industry partners interested in AI+X. Develop communication skills to pitch your ideas as well as present research outcomes.   
  5. Resources: Access to cutting-edge software & hardware infrastructure for AI+X development.

How to Apply

Opening for these positions depends on the availability of resources. For more information:

(1) TrAC faculty members interested in leveraging this opportunity should reach out to Soumik Sarkar (

(2) Potential candidates should submit queries via the Contact Us form.