FAST-TrAC Student Assistantship

The FAST-TrAC Student Assistantship program at the Translational AI Center invites undergraduate students to engage in real-world industry challenges over a semester. Aligned closely with our industry-academic initiatives, students will collaborate with professionals and a FAST-TrAC advisor to address practical problems, leveraging ML/big data analytics tools for efficient solutions​1​. This enriching experience will:

  1. Expose students to industry-scale problems, bridging theory with practical application.
  2. Develop problem-solving and technical skills in a live industry setting.
  3. Foster professional networking with industry experts and TrAC faculty.
  4. Provide a platform for practical learning and application, preparing students for future career opportunities in AI and related domains.

Engage in a rewarding, hands-on learning experience with the FAST-TrAC Student Assistantship, and lay a solid foundation for your professional journey in the AI industry.