TrAC Training on Intro to Cloud-based Deep Learning

The TrAC @ Iowa State University along with will host a day long hybrid workshop on Introduction to Cloud-based Deep Learning. This workshop will introduce you to concepts in cloud, containerization, and GPU computing with Python. We will demonstrate a simple deep learning application problem using public research cyberinfrastructure with version control systems and containerization.


Intro Workshop Days are at the following times:

  1. Part 1 10:00–13:00 US Central Daylight Time (11:00–14:00 US Eastern Daylight Time)
  2. Part 2 14:00–17:00 US Central Daylight Time (15:00–18:00 US Eastern Daylight Time)

Work Cloud Natively with CyVerse & Jetstream-2

All times shown in Central Daylight Time

Time Concept Notes Part
10:00 CyVerse Background CyVerse Documentation I
10:30 Navigating the CyVerse Discovery Environment (DE) Data Science Workbench Go to DE I
10:55 Short Break   I
11:00 Navigating the CyVerse Data Store Browse DE Data Store Browse WebDav I
11:30 Jetstream-2 Background JupyterHub on JetStream-2 OpenStack Cloud I
11:55 Short Break   I
12:00 Deep Learning with Project Jupyter Jupyter notebooks I
13:00 Lunch Break    
14:00 Deep Learning with Project Jupyter Exercise Jupyter notebooks I
14:55 Short Break   II
15:00 Introduction to GPU-based computing Jupyter notebooks II
15:55 Short Break   II
16:00 Setup an analyses for programming in Python   II
16:55 Conclude   II

Registration: The registration is free, please fill out this form:

Tutorial Website

All the instructions for the workshop are hosted at The notebooks used for the tutorial are also hosted there.

Tutorial Recordings

Part I

Part II

Also see our news about this event.