A Deep Dive into Deep Learning: Architectures and Algorithms

The TrAC @ Iowa State University along with Midwest Big Data Summer School and CyVerse.org will host a day long workshop on Deep Learning Architectures and Algorithms.


In this tutorial, we will be covering the theory and practical implementation of modern deep learning algorithms. We divide the tutorial into two sessions. The first session covers the building blocks of neural networks such as back-propagation and optimization algorithms and some hands-on supervised deep learning coding. The second session will be to dive deep into the nuts and bolts of Deep Learning, and more modern architectures such as ResNets, Transformers etc. and algorithms such Generative Adversarial Networks, Reinforcement Learning etc. We will finally conclude with some emerging topics in deep learning.


All times shown in Central Daylight Time

Time Concept Notes
09:00 Intro to Deep Learning (backpropagation, SGD and other concepts) TBD
10:00 Convolutional Neural Networks – Architectures for Object Recognition TBD
10:55 Short Break  
11:00 Convolutional Neural Networks – Architectures of Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation, Autoencoders, etc. TBD
12:00 Lunch Break  
13:30 More architectures – LSTMs, Transformers, etc.  
14:30 Algorithms – Generative Adversarial Networks  
14:55 Short Break  
15:00 Algorithms – Reinforcement Learning  
15:30 Algorithms – Scientific Machine Learning  
16:00 Emerging topics in deep learning: Interpretability, adversarial learning, distributed deep learning etc.  

About Instructor

Aditya Balu is currently a Data Scientist at the Translational AI Center at Iowa State University, where he is working on generative designs physics-aware deep learning methodologies. He finished his Ph.D. at Iowa State University on Deep Learning and GPU computing for Design and Manufacturing before this. During his graduate studies, he also interned at ANSYS Inc., where he contributed to Deep Learning-based Topology Optimization. Before his graduate studies, he has also worked at an Oil & Gas industry, FMC Technologies (now known as Technip FMC), as a product design engineer where he was designing connectors and manifolds for subsea high pressure and high-temperature applications.

Tutorial Website

All the materials regarding the tutorial are posted here: https://translationalaicenterisu.github.io/deepdive2022/