TrAC Student Journal Club


TrAC Journal Club will help students and researchers to stay current with the latest research works in AI applications in different domains such as Agronomy, Materials, Design and Manufacturing, Autonomy, Robotics and more. Also, this journal club can help students present their research with the group and get feedback. The topics are not just limited to core AI papers, but also with a lot of application papers and ideas.

When and Where?

TrAC Journal Club will be happening on Fridays 3-4PM Central Time. Please join us in zoom :


The following is the tentative schedule for the TrAC Journal Club.

 date Presenter Title
1 25-Feb-22 Ethan Herron An Introduction to Graph Neural Networks and Their Applications.
2 4-Mar-22 Fateme Fotouhi Ardakani Slicing Aided Hyper Inference and Fine-tuning for Small Object Detection
3 11-Mar-22 Yan Wang Distribution-Free Prediction Intervals: An Introduction
4 18-Mar-22 - Spring Break
5 25-Mar-22 Balaji Pokuri ML for Organic Electronics: Challenges and Remedies
6 1-Apr-22 Zhiling Gu Adaptive Conformal Inference under Distribution Shift
7 8-Apr-22 Chih-Hsuan (Bella) Yang Natural language Processing for material discovery
8 15-Apr-22 XupingTian Adaptive gradient methods with energy and momentum
9 22-Apr-22 - TrAC SciML Workshop


If you would like to be part of this group or if you would like to present a paper or your current research work, please fill this google form. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.